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Take a look at this post…

this monument is full of gorgeous mosaics whitch are left to be destroyed by the vandals and the exposure to the weather.

The bulgarian government must save this monument! They have shown criminal indifference till now. Its like they are denying the cultural heritage of its people! what a pitty

Hammer And Sickle by Die-Revolution Buzludzha by Die-Revolution Buzludzha by MilenMilenov777 Fire is in your hands by Severius back to the future by djabrail Monument by Severius Memorial by Severius Buzludzha by strmilanov Buzludzha by ValkaSun Sredna Stara Planina by vbonev
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Group Rules

Hello everyone!

First and foremost I would like to say two things about the group. "Socialist Realism" is first of all an art movement. So the group mainly deals with art. We do not want to become another one ideological group. there are many already. Although the issue itself, embodies the ideology. however, we would want primarily to investigate the impact of this ideology in art. The influence on art over the years, but also the modern expression of it, through the works of art that exists in the DA.
The truth is that unfortunately, recent history of art, written by the (temporary) winners. Art historians and fine arts schools around the world, teach that socialist realism was and is a decadent and outmoded art. which in reality is not true! is unscientific to condemn so simply an entire artistic movement. Moreover all the artistic movements throughout the centuries, had good, and bad art samples. And also, art historians and art schools, are hypocrites when they say all this, and at the same time believe that "everything is art". We would love to show them how wrong they are! We would want this group to stimulate the socialist realism and put it in today!

Well, since much has been said about what the "socialist realism" realy is, please note that definition we give:

The group focuses on ART that highlights the people's struggle for liberation from the exploitation of the bourgeoisie. And the prospect for socialism-communism. The opportunity to live the mankind a better future

>All kinds of art are acceptable (comics, 3d, animation,etc). Because the "realism" in the "socialist realism" refers to the perception of reality and not the naturalism of the form

>Portraits of personalities will not be accepted. Βecause the portraits are just ... portraits. they dont agree whith the above definition of socialist realism.

>we also accept photos of other artwork of famous artists, from monuments, sculptures ... that belongs to socialist realism.

>we would not accept artwork with militaristic or violent content. Unless it has historical subject.







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Schneerf Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If anyone doesn't know already, I am taking commissions right now, with prices set up in my journal [link], I will be happy to take anyone's commission, requests vary by case. I'll appreciate the consideration and the publicity thank you~!
pinata2009 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Student General Artist
thank you!
Schneerf Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I am dA user Schneerf and I have been looking for a group that showcases socialist/socialistic art and was wondering if my gallery is suitable enough for any of yinz to have featured in this group. My gallery is here ->[link], I recommend either the Pyrrium/NSEU folder or Requests/Commissions folder for my best work. I hope yinz like it! Thank you for your time.
Vilczyca Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hello and thank you so much for choosing my photos into your gallery! I appreciate it very much ;) Greetings from Poland!
koukoubahs Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
you are wellcome! :) :) :)
TovarishNikolai Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
thanks for choosing my drawing, comrade!
koukoubahs Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
:):):):) well, it was realy good! :):):):)
khaodar Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for choosing my work!
Midiforthepeople Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for requesting to feature my work.
koukoubahs Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
you are welcome... :)
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